Bentley Cw Classic
Bentley Cw Classic

Photo Gallery ~ Tank restoration and conversions made to order by CW CLASSIC

Oil and Petrol tanks

the bsa motorcycle

BSA (Birmingham Small Arms trade Association) was founded in 1861 by fourteen gunsmiths.


They turned their attention to bicycles in 1880, and the first motorcycle hit the road in 1903.

Old Fibreglass BSA Competition Tank



The New Steel Copy of the fibreglass tank




Montgomery Petrol Tank The Montgomery Petrol Tank after the customer had it chromed


William Montgomery founded Montgomery Motorcycles in 1913. The business ran for 26 years untill closing in 1939.

Montgomery was first based in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and then moved to bigger premises in Coventry, Warwickshire just before the First World War. 

The first bike to be manufactured was a flat twin with a Morton and Weaver engine.

Montgomery specialized in developing bike frames and forks which he was able to supply to George Brough (maker of the Brough Superior) for use on his bikes in their early days and Coventry based Eagle.

He is given the credit for inventing the sidecar. With which he competed in the 1923 Isle of Mann TT Sidecar race. Won by Freddie W.Dixon and T.W.Denny. see for Isle of Mann racing results.

After the war his son Jack Montgomery took over the business where he introduced other models of motorcycles. Azani in 1924, Greyhound in 1930 and De Luxe in 1934. 

The Montgomery name was bought in 2012 by Mark Williams and Blake Washington co-founder of the Montgomery Motorcycle Company, based in San Clemente,California. See




Brough Superior

 Tank bought in for restoration and conversions

cw classic Brough Superior Before
cw classic Brough Superior After

History of Brough Superior

George Brough founder of the Brough Superior planned his first 'ideal' motorcycle while working dring the First World War in Coventry. He started Brough Superior in Haydn Road, Nottingham in 1919 until 1940. After the factory closed George Brough and then later Albert Wallis continued to service and make parts for the Brough Superiors until 1969. The first motorcycle was produced in November 1921. 19 different models, just over 3,000 bikes were made. Most were custom made and were personally certified by George Brough.

In 2008 Mark Uoham bought the name and one year later produced the first new Brough Superior motorbike SS101 in Pettenbach, Austria. Like George Brough the company make made to order bikes as well as motorcycles such as the 'Retro' which clinched a new AMA speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.





cw classic Bultaco Tank Bultaco Tank


 Manufactured two-stroke engines in Spain between 1958-1983.

Their first bike was the Bultaco Tralla. 

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